Springer Spaniel





Our English Working Springer's have very good working backgrounds, most of them Irish, English and French.
If for show dogs the emphasis is for most cases only on beauty, for working lines it is rather the character, with the instinct of hunting - search - balanced character, which prevails.

The genetic property makes it possible to use the WORKING English SPRINGER Spaniel as a hunting, detection-searching, or family dog.
All our breeding dogs are medically checked for hereditary diseases that may occur related to the breed (hip dysplasia or eye diseases).
Only dogs that are free of these diseases are used in breeding to avoid hereditary diseases such as dogs that become blind as they get older.

All our dogs are trained in research which ensures that the genetic properties of the breed are preserved.

All our dogs have a pedigree recognized by the Belgian Ministry of Agriculture. This pedigree allows us to know the origins of the dog, the percentage of inbreeding, all our puppies will have the DNA test which will confirm the identity of the puppies.

Physical differences
Working dogs have a thicker, more compact coat, shorter ears and a broader skull.
This more compact coat protects them when hunting in ditches and brush,
Shorter ears require less maintenance.
The working English Springer Spaniel is also smaller than the beauty spaniel.

He must like to report, also in the water.
He must have a very high stamina both in very hot and very cold weather.
Brush and ditches don't scare him.
He must also have a very good contact with his master which facilitates his training.
The English springer spaniel is very attached to his family, a real glue pot and behaves rather reluctant towards strangers.
The English Springer Spaniel is suitable for research, hunting and sport but also as a very good family dog.

Ideal for children and this despite the fact that he is crazy about the relationship he is not dominant in the possession of objects such as toys or other ... they give them away gladly.

Because of their great capacity of search they are more and more used as detection dogs.

The genetic properties of each breed are tested between 6 and 8 weeks. How the dog will behave as an adult will be defined for 70% by the education, environment, training and food....

do you have any questions ? do not hesitate
Contact us, we can help you with our knowledge of the breed and our 45 years of experience will help you.
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