Heros Van 't Ravenland 2 x Belgian Breed and All Breed Club Champion 2012 

Professional breeders and recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture for the breeding of Malinois Shepherd Dogs in Ghoy, at Van't Ravenland, we are careful to select Malinois Shepherd Dogs with a strong but balanced character, with a strong bone structure, and also with a low sensitivity to injury. The males selected for reproduction correspond to the same criteria.

The recognition by the Ministry of Agriculture for breeding is done by a simple request, the only criteria taken into account is that the kennels have the right measures prescribed and to be in possession of an environmental permit. No question arises about the knowledge of the breeder, which is of great importance. The breeding of Malinois requires a great knowledge of the breed to have well balanced puppies. Non-balanced dogs do not know how to be used either as police dogs, guard dogs, family dogs or show dogs. Its great use as a police or guard dog has contributed to the Malinois becoming a fashion dog. Some individuals have started to breed only for the lure of gain without having the necessary knowledge of the breed. In order to reinforce the quality of their lines some breeders make a consigancy, the problems that this brings both physically and psychically are unfortunately very important.

The lineage is also an important breeding criterion for us. Indeed, we only use the best descendants of Malinois Shepherds.

Another very important point in the selection of the dogs used for reproduction, is the fact that the character, the temperament remains within the limits.

The dog must remain manageable even for an average handler. His natural instincts must not exceed the threshold of obedience to his master.

The dogs bred by Van't Ravenland often become police dogs, but also guard dogs, family dogs or dogs intended for competitions such as Mondioring, Ring, agility and obedience.

The genetic properties of each breed are tested between 6 and 8 weeks of age. How the dog will behave as an adult will be defined for 70% by education, environment, training and diet....

All our dogs have a pedigree recognized by the Belgian Ministry of Agriculture. This pedigree allows us to know the origins of the dog, the percentage of inbreeding, all our puppies will have the DNA test which will confirm the identity of the puppies.

you have any questions ? don't hesitate we can help you with our knowledge of the breed and our 45 years of experience will help you .
Contact us to make an appointment or for any question about our breeding conditions.

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